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Anonymous Asked: Stop being edgy.



Yeah, that won’t be too bad. Besides, we’ll have a little face we can work with!

-He smiled and then cradled the egg close. Luckily for them both, the egg jumped a little, Sonic looked down at the shell blinking.- 

H-Hey…it just moved.

Uh, Don’t they all look the same?

-He noticed the slight jump in the egg and his ears perked up.-

Well that was much sooner than expected. Should you put it down?

Anonymous Asked: how did you 2 get together?

Who do you mean by “you two”….

and what do you mean by “together”?

poyoyoyoyoyo Asked: Sup,Shads?Well,anyways,I heard from Silver that you say "My chest fur is the most fluffy!"... I totally agree,man.

-looks down at his chest-

Think you want to speak to the hedgehog form of myself…

ask-pokehuman-skitty Asked: shadow do you know amy and what do you think of her

I’ve explained what I thought of her in a previous message.


-It took his a moment to think about it. What do you name something that hasn’t even emerged yet? He held the egg, pulling it closer to his chest and looked down at it. Weren’t many names that popped into his mind, and it was pretty obvious this was rather a first time thing.-

Err, I don’t know. Maybe wait till it hatches? 

-He gently shook the egg from side to side, putting it to his ear to see if there were any noises made within the shell.-

I don’t see why it would matter much.

- Moving his finger away from the egg as Sonic brought it up to his ear. He simply stood back and watched the two.-

I guess we can wait until then. There’s no telling how long it will take before it actually hatches anyway. 


Hmm, Wonder if it’ll hatch anytime soon?

-He reached for the egg, putting his hands on the open spots not held by shadow. He was careful not to tug it away, but simply wait for Shadow to hand it to him. He made sure his grip was firm.- 

-He released his grasp from the egg letting Sonic take hold of it as he stepped in front of the two, the egg in between them both.-

Have you decided a name for it yet? Or are we just going to continue calling it “it’ ?

-Gently, He tapped his index finger against the multicolored shell.-


-A hue of pink appeared on Sonic’s cheeks as he laughed and shook his head-. 

You wish~ If I wanted to I probably would be able to without breakin a sweat. 

-his cocky attitude got the better of him for that moment, but he quickly went back to the matter at hand.-

If that’s the case, then we can just keep an eye on him together! Which ever method works at the time. 

-He ran to shadow’s side, looking down at the egg and watching it for any movements.-

-He glanced at him slightly noticing the slight blush around his face but,  not paying much mind to it aside from raising his brow yet again. As Sonic made his way beside him and put the egg between his own palms and stretching his arms out, holding the egg in sight for the two of them.- 


-He simply responded, his crimson eyes not leaving the sight of the egg.-


“Jungle Shootout” - Translation by raissaonmars

(via fmsmftmarchive)


-Sonic’s eyes widened. He was more than surprised that Shadow had actually agreed. Maybe the black hedgehog was really warming up to him after all, or maybe he just had his priorities straightened and Sonic somehow ended up being the middleman from time to time. He smiled and nodded, those conditions were completely reasonable, and from that he made a mental note not to mess up.-

Sweet! It’s a deal then! but how are we gonna take care of it together? Like, will we take turns looking after it, or just kinda stick around one another with the lil guy in between?

-He was obviously excited, having gotten Shadow of all beings to agree to something such as this. 

-He gently grabbed the egg out of his hands and cradled it in his arms, turning his back towards the blue one.-

Trying to use this as an excuse to get closer to me, hm faker?

-He said mockingly, the smug look still on his face but hidden from the other.- 

Not exactly sure how you plan to arrange this but, I wouldn’t mind either way.

-he suddenly turned around his usual panned expression was back on his face.-